Bostwana / MYSC Financial Relief Programme : call for applications

Bostwana / MYSC Financial Relief Programme : call for applications

Deadline : 4 June 2020

The Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development invites artists, promoters, artist’s representatives, representatives of arts associations and all other qualifying stakeholders to apply for the COVID-19 Financial Relief Programme. The relief Fund for Arts and Culture Sector will provide relief allowances for arts and culture practitioners and wage subsidy for arts and culture practitioners in organisations, groups; agencies and trust.


The outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic has restricted movement and its impact has resulted in the interruption of production of cultural goods and services; loss of income and the cancellation or postponement of some event that arts and culture practitioners who normally provide products and services to.


2.1 To relief arts and culture practitioners that will include creators, producers, individuals and others who have suffered significant financial hardships from the COVID -19 outbreak.
2.2 To provide financial assistance to the Creative Sector.).
2.3 To protect the Arts and Culture Sector from collapse due to the impact of COVID -19 Pandemic.
2.4 To provide a systematic and sustainable process for financial relief to the Arts and Culture Sector.


3.1 Individuals/Groups – artists whose primary occupation is the arts – this can include visual and performing arts categories (traditional song and dance, drama, curation, fashion, exhibitions, promoters, managers, literary works/heritage, music, dance, theatre and others).
3.2 Full time employees of registered arts organisations such as Associations, Agencies and Trusts which are in compliance with appropriate legislation.
3.3 Botswana citizens who are 18 years and above.
3.4 Applicants should effectively demonstrate a direct impact from the outbreak of the COVID –19 for example loss of income – wages, ticket sales, cancellations and loss of client base.
3.5 Applicants must have registered for the 2020 President’s Day Competitions (PDC) or be a registered active member of COSBOTS.
3.6 Applicants should not have benefited from Government COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme.
3.7 Groups, Bands and Artists to apply for their members, employees / backup artists.


4.1 Relief allowances of P1 000.00 once off for Arts and Culture Practitioners registered for the 2020 President’s Day Competitions (PDC) .
4.2 A Wage Subsidy of P 2 500.00 for full time employees or Arts and Culture Practitioners in organisations, agencies and trusts.
4.3 A relief allowance of P 2 500.00 for artists registered with COSBOTS.


5.1 Applications for relief will be coordinated by the Arts and Culture Function.
5.2 Application forms will be issued through MYSC District Offices.
5.3 All Applications will be submitted to MYSC District Offices.

6.1 The assessment will be conducted by Assessment Committees appointed by the Permanent Secretary at MYSC Districts and Headquarters Offices.
6.2 The District Committee shall provide a comprehensive report with recommendations to the Ministerial
Assessment Committee.
6.3 Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications in writing within ten (10) working days of the
closing date.
6.4 No appeals shall be entered into.


7.1 Payments will be made directly into the beneficiary’s bank account.

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