Festival Ecran Slam 2022 : Promoting Peace and Living Together Artistically

Festival Ecran Slam 2022 : Promoting Peace and Living Together Artistically

CAMEROON –  In view of the World Peace Day that is celebrated every September 21, the organization of slammers of Cameroon in partnership with the European Commission, Accord Parfait International and the Institut Francais du Cameroun for the first time in Cameroon organized a 4-day festival from the 17th to the 21st September in Yaoundé dubbed Festival Ecran Slam 2022. Concerts, seminars, fashion parade and lots more characterized the event.

It was a rather spectacular showcase that graced the opening ceremony of the Ecran Slam Festival on Saturday the 17th of September at the French Institute in Yaoundé. This year, the event is spearheaded under the slogan, “l’histoire raconte que nous sommes tous frères et soeurs” This initiative promoted by the organization Accord Parfait International has as objective to safeguard peace through arts and culture, preserve nature and the environment and to educate, train and sensitize youths. Slam which is a form of music has long been used by young Cameroonians to portray different messages. That is why Philippe VAN DAME, Ambassador of the European Commission and partner to the festival decided to support the idea. “I was amazed by the rhythm of slam after I met with some slammers. I enjoyed it also because it’s a means of communication that is very strong that permits the passing across of messages that are relevant in the society with peace in particular,” he expresses. Still in the promotion of peace, the opening ceremony also witnessed the cultural dance display of youths from the four parts of Cameroon; the Grass field, the coast, the forest and the Sahelian regions. Also, a music video clip produced by youths of the association was broadcast with messages of peace streamed in many local languages.

The brain behind the organization of the festival is a young slammer who goes by the name Mebonde Stephane popularly known by his artist name as Myname is theslammer. We quizzed him on the motivation and choice of the slogan for the festival. “The slogan came about because we thought about slam as a way of building our humanity. Our country needs peace like never before. So why not try to do it in an artistic way,” he explains. He further reiterated that their main objective of this year’s slam festival is to instill peace, living together, tolerance amongst Cameroonians.

After the opening ceremony, the event continued the following day with seminars, showcase and debates at the congress hall in Yaoundé. There, participants were given the opportunity to pose questions if they had any worry, participate in the concert, training and lots more. What was not left out as well is the fashion show which, according to Mebonde Stephane, is proof that slam mixed with peace and culture can push Cameroonian youths to produce and consume what they have. Free tickets to the music concert that was slated for the 21st of September were distributed to all persons who took part at the opening ceremony.

It should however be noted that, the Ecran Slam festival taking place in Cameroon and other African countries, is in preparation of the International Ecran Slam Festival that will take place in 2023 in African country that organizes Slam festivals.

Kuwan Chelsea Kernyuy (Trainee editor) ©www.noocultures.info

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